Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thank You For Your Comments - October 2007

I wanted to detour today to share my appreciation for all the thought-filled comments and support The Writer's Round-About has been gathering. I'm so glad readers are enjoying this blog and always look forward to hearing your comments.

My sincere thanks go to everyone who has left a comment in the past few months. I make an effort to reply to all comments so be sure to check back for responses. I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge and send some link love to my multiple commenters. I'm planning to make this a monthly event. It's just a small contribution and a show of thanks to those who help make The Writer's Round-About a wonderful community effort. Thanks!

Michele L. Tune of Writing The CyberHighway must be my biggest fan. Thank you so very much for your support Michele. I always look forward to your comments and love reading your blog entries. You offer great insight and it often feels like you're a kindred spirit.

Anne Creed, it is so fun and inspiring to share the novel journey with you. Your blogs, Novel Struggles and Novel Goal have helped me get back on track with my current work in progress. Your support inspires me to keep on with the struggle. Writing regularly can be a true challenge but thanks to supportive friends like you it is an enjoyable path to continue on.

Natasha Judd, I've only just begun to explore your amazing blog, Web Stuff 4 Writers and I really love it there. It is always wonderful to see your comments and I really look forward to your insights. It is a joy to find others who share this passion for writing.

Emily Veinglory, thanks for your comments. I wish there was a book about juggling writing and a 'real' job. I'll keep an eye out. I wouldn't be surprised if there is one because so many writers face this challenge.

Kelley A. Swan, I've really love your comments. I also love the title of your blog, Will Write For Chocolate. Of course, it makes me hungry but there are days when I wish chocolate were a currency too.

Kathleen Frassrand, your visit was lovely and I loved your comments. Thank you so much for adding your thoughtful responses. You certainly share A Thoughtful Life over at your blog.

Elrena Evans, thanks so much for the meme tag and your wonderful comments. Your blog, As Yet Untitled, is wonderful and I wish I had more time to catch up on your entries.

Mary Evelyn Lewis, I really appreciate your comments. I searched up your book review of Writer Mama on Virtual Wordsmith and really enjoyed it.

Nancy, your Baby Names are always interesting and fun to check out. I'm so glad you enjoyed the quiz. I'm trying to think up some more fun quiz and non-quiz ideas. Thank you so much for your comments.

Thanks also to everyone else who has commented, Anyea, Sweets, HandH, Julia Ward, Sharon Hurley Hall, Deborah Wilson, Silvia Acevedo, Poom, Bill Barnett, Sam, Thursday, Terry Heath, Bill Fullerton, Virginia Lee, Talia Mana, Marilyn, Loquacious Me, Jerry Waxler, Jeff Draper, Steve M, Nita, and Sue. I really hope you’ve enjoyed The Writer’s Round-About and will be back to read (and comment) more soon.

If you're reading but haven't commented yet, please think about doing so. I promise we won't bite. I love to connect with others and it would be wonderful to share ideas and opinions with all of you. We each experience our writing journey differently and I would love to find out more about yours.

Thank you everyone, readers, commenters, and random browsers, this site has been energizing and inspirational to write and share with you all. I'm looking forward to many more interesting comments and insight. I promise to try and ensure my blog entries are full of helpful tips, tricks, and whatever else it is you love (let me know!).

Oh, and before I forget, if you have any particular writing topic you'd like to discuss or read more about just let me know. I'm always open to topic ideas; it might even spawn another series like one of Anne's comments did.



Blogger Michele L. Tune said...

Hello "Kindred Spirit!"

What a superb post and such kind words for all your fans ;0)

Keep up the great work, Rebecca! It's amazing how far a few words of encouragement can go or maybe even just ((Cyber Hugs))) and smiles....

Have a great Thursday!


11:26 PM  
Anonymous Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Thanks for the link love, Rebecca and I'm tagging you for a fun game on a new writing forum. Hope you'll play along - it's really easy to do. :)

7:33 AM  
Blogger Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

Thank you Michele. It's so wonderful to be able to show my appreciation.

Thanks for the tag Sharon and I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

10:28 AM  

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