Tuesday, June 05, 2007

About Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Hi! I'm Rebecca Laffar-Smith and I still suffer that ugly, evil writer's block whenever I feel the pressure to talk(write) about myself. Of course, I have to get over that, writers shouldn't be afraid to boast of a little ego (at least in public) it's good for our image.

I'm a freelance copy writer/editor, published poet, and aspiring fantasy novelist. The novel writing is what I'd really love to do full time but for the moment I'm pumping out (read: sluggishly and with multiple pit stops) my first novel. Meanwhile, I try to make ends meet by taking on copy editing/writing commissions, writing non-fiction articles, and occasionally writing and submitting poetry.

While all this is in the works I also dedicate a lot of time to my blogs:-

The Writer's Round-About - A blog for writers about writing and living a writer's life with the ups, the downs, and the round and round and rounds.

Kids, Pets and Family! - A site for parents dealing with the general chaos, boundless challenges and joy-filled triumphs of modern family living.

I live with my dog, cat, seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old son in the outer suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We love our Aussie home and the easy-going lifestyle found in Perth. It's a mixture of country, suburban, and city living that melds in a pleasant harmony.

While I really love my home, I'd also love the opportunity to travel and 'see the world'. I would particularly like to travel to Ireland and the USA. I love making new friends around the world and I really enjoy the chance to learn about other cultures, locations and languages. Our world is an interesting place.

Well, there you go, more than two cents about me and I'm only blushing a little. It's nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better so I hope you'll send me an email. Would you like to subscribe to one of my blog feeds?

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