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Seven Steps by Nancy Pickard and Lynn Lott

Seven Steps on the Writer's Path: The Journey from Frustration to Fulfillment by Nancy Pickard and Lynn Lott When I first stumbled across "Seven Steps on the Writer's Path: The Journey from Frustration to Fulfillment" I REALLY needed it. It was one of those, 'my dreams are going down the toilet' months when I was struggling to put two coherent words together and was seriously considering getting a REAL JOB!

Writing was hard. Much harder than I thought it should be. I assumed that if I was supposed to be a writer I could just, you know, be one. I thought that once I’d started writing it would all happen. I had never thought of myself as anything but a writer and I figured, by twenty-four, I should be well on my way.

I was deep in the realms of despair, regret and recrimination. I was on the verge of calling it quits when I came across this beautiful book in a second hand bookstore. It winked at me from the shelf, calling out with that "Writer" word that is always so tempting.

I'm so glad I spent the $15.98 (AUD) to buy that book that day because I read it, cover to cover and felt this amazing sense of rightness. "Seven Steps" helped me realize that what I was feeling was entirely normal. It was all a part of the process and if anything, had I not been reaching that point I'd have been either, far earlier into the journey or on the wrong path completely.

Photograph: Lynn Lott In "Seven Steps", psychologist and self-help author Lynn Lott and mystery writer Nancy Pickard go into detail about each of the steps all writers face on the path of their individual writer's journey. They show readers how each of the seven stages can be recognized and overcome.

Photograph: Nancy Pickard Nancy and Lynn use anecdotes from their own lives, quotes from experienced writers and real-life situations to show how each of the seven steps affect all writers and how you can move past the challenges on this intense 'journey from frustration to fulfillment'.

The seven steps, uncertainty, wanting, commitment, wavering, letting go, immersion, and fulfillment are fantastic markers to help you feel confident about your journey. It's like having a road map to the way you're supposed to feel and having permission to feel that way.

These two authors really know what they're talking about. It is incredible to feel a sense of unity between writers; a sense of cosmic connection and belonging to a greater family who understand us. We all go through the same emotions and turmoil. We are not alone and every stage is not only normal but expected and will not last forever.

"Seven Steps" is a fantastic book for writers who need to recharge their inspiration and rebuild their sense of hope and accomplishment. No matter what stage you are at there are true methods to bring you along the path and to avoid those nasty detours that tempt us on the way.

If you are stalled on your own journey this book can help focus your mind and heart so that you can turn the key and get the car back on the road of a writer's life. Even before I finished reading this book I was writing again. As I turned the pages I felt reenergized and could sharpen my focus, reaffirm my goals and get my schedule back into order. I came out of hibernation and started living, and writing.

If you haven't read "Seven Steps on the Writer's Path: The Journey from Frustration to Fulfillment", I recommend you get your hands on a copy. It's a must-have for any writer's bookshelf.

Seven Steps on the Writer's Path: The Journey from Frustration to Fulfillment
by Nancy Pickard and Lynn Lott.

First published in 2003 by Ballantine Books,
an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group.

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Blogger Michele L. Tune said...

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Blogger Michele L. Tune said...

Hi Rebecca,

This is a great post on what appears to be a most splendid book--I might just have to have this one ;-)

Oh, and I added the order info on Grammatically Correct within the post itself, like you suggested.

Here's the link:



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Blogger Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

Thanks Michele, it certainly is a wonderful book. :-) Thanks for the link!

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