Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Have Moved! YAY!!! - Please Update RSS & Links!

I'm currently putting together The Writer's Round-About on it's ALL NEW DOMAIN NAME! YAY! Actually, the domain name isn't new. It's just taken me a month or so to figure out how to set up my blog on the new domain but I finally figured it out. I've moved upscale with a special install on my BlueHost server and things look like they're coming along nicely.

I just wanted to drop a line in on this blog to let people know that we've moved. If you're subscribed to a reader or via email and you still get 'this' message then PLEASE update your RSS feed to:

If you've linked to The Writer's Round-About ( in the past then I'd really love it if you could update your links! Old links 'should' still work but by updating to the new domain you can help me with my SEO and Page Rank. If you come across a dead link that should point to The Writer's Round-About please let me know.

So, just to recap. The All New Writer's Round-About can now be found at That's east to remember, isn't it? If you've got any questions, need help, or just want to say hi feel free to email me at

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog Review: Writing For Writers

I haven’t had the chance to read a book this week so I thought I’d deviate and introduce a Blog Review to the mix. There are thousands of fantastic blogs on the web. I’ve discovered a number of great blogs thanks to my Blogrush Widget and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the best with you.

This week I’d like to shine the light on Writing For Writers by Melissa A. Donovan. Melissa, whose love of writing was apparent from her formative years, majored in English and Creative Writing in college and has worked with words all her life. In August she turned to freelance writing with the launch of her writing services website.

Writing For Writers is focused on introducing writers to various aspects of the writing life. With categories such as, Freelance Writing, Grammar, Motivate & Inspire, Writers & the Web, and Writing Tips & Tricks, there is a wealth of information for eager writers to absorb and learn from.

My Favorite 10 Entries:
  1. The Five Cornerstones of a Successful Web Presence: Series Introduction

  2. Seven Ways to Make Time for Writing

  3. Journaling Made a Writer of Me

  4. Five Ways to Kick Writers Block and Get Inspired

  5. How to get Started Freelance Writing

  6. Five Tips to Make Sure your Greatest Ideas don't get Lost

  7. Writer's Getting Organized

  8. Thinking about Freelancing? Ten Things You Should Consider

  9. Freelance Writing: The Pros (Five Things To Love About This Job)

  10. Mutiny! (A Meditation on Characters

Check out Writing For Writers for even more great blog entries. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed and enjoy entries in your favorite reader.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Apologies from the Brain-Fried

I’m sorry for not having any entries up this week. There really is no excuse for not having posted something for you to read even if I haven’t been able to write. I want to especially thank my loyal readers and I hope you’ll stay with me despite the quiet. I’ll have a new book review on Tuesday and return to the series Thursday and Saturday.