Sunday, July 15, 2007

Visualize Your Ideal Writer's Office

A few months ago I dreamed of a very special room. It was a beautiful haven where I could write; an office of my own. I wandered through my dream, enjoying the visualization with a sense of exploration and wonder. My subconscious was designing my ideal writer's office and the image remains a sharp, focused memory.

The building is conveniently located in my back yard. It is build of beautiful jarrah timbers from floor to ceiling and had large glass windows and a single glass sliding door facing the house. The windows looked out on vista's; grass on one side, a water garden on another and on the third a small flower garden lovingly tended by my children.

In the flower garden is a small mushroom-shaped, brightly painted cement table with toadstool chairs. My kids sit with their drawings in the fractured sunlight under a white sunshade. The grass on the opposite side of the building is lush and green. It looks soft and smells freshly cut with enough room to kick a ball around. The water garden is an array of rocks and ceramic animals and birds surrounding a lagoon like pond with waterfall and fountain. Water shatters over the rocks and tumbles into the pool below where giant koi fish swam lazily beneath a mesh casement.

Inside the room the wood is polished a glorious honey-gold. In one corner a soft, fluffy rug covers the floor and bright embroidered pillows are scattered in haphazard piles, a bean bag and a lazy chair create a circle of warmth and sunlight bounces into the corner creating a halo of light and harmony. A small coffee table partitions the rest of the room from the little reading and relaxing nook.

Against one wall, looking out over the flower garden, are two mahogany desks. On one my desktop computer hums softly and my various arrays of papers and books are stacked in chaotic piles. On the shelf above the monitor there are basic reference books, quick to hand, and down the side is a collection of disks and flash drives. The chair is large; comfortable black leather on wheels with a bright yellow cushion and under the table is a matching footstool, my sandals slotted beneath them as I wander the room barefoot.

On the other desk rests my closed laptop and more books and papers as well as two opened notepads and an exercise book. Beneath the desk the three drawers pull out to reveal a filing cabinet lined with folders, neatly labeled. A pin board is against the wall near this desk that has a few scraps of paper, quotes, outlines, and various other codes I keep nearby for reference and inspiration as well as a calendar with various dates circled for future publication events.

The longest wall, with no windows is a ranged bookshelf. It's covered with books of all sorts and there is one section in the middle that's holds books with my own name on the spine. The shelf above and below have various awards and photographs displaying my accomplishments and in the cabinet below are a couple of boxes where I keep spare copies of my own books to give away.

There is a three seat floral lounge chair with its back facing the shelves that looks out the sliding door upon the water feature and in the far corner a rocking recliner faces the window overlooking the grass. Beside the recliner is a simple counter and bar fridge with a few kitchen amenities where I can poor myself a hot cup of tea or a cool glass of soda. The room is specifically designed for relaxation while writing. With the laptop I can take position anywhere in the room and write or take my work out with me where ever I go. There are pictures on the walls and the room emanates a creative aura of warm vibrant spirit.

This is my office, with a portable phone and internet access, a revered collection of books, and a chaotic yet harmonious environment for me to write in. My haven is a place of inspiration, where I can leave the family life and come to work but within reach of the conveniences of home. Even before this room is ever built I can escape here to rest and refresh my mind.

Now, close your eyes and visualize your ideal writer's office or working space. Pull together as many details as you can. What do your senses create? What would your ideal writer's office look like? sound like? smell like? feel like?

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Anonymous Sweets said...

My ideal office is outdoors. No walls, no ceiling and lots of fresh air.

And I bet you thought you were rid of me. SURPRISE!! I followed ya.

1:01 AM  
Blogger Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

SWEETS!!! It's lovely to see you here. :-)

Have you ever let your mind wander in the outdoors of your ideal office? Is it a flower filled garden? The open green grasses of high meadows? An alcove full of birds who are drawn to the spritzing mists and melodic pummeling of a waterfall? A red-earth cliff hanging over the pristine sands of a forgotten beach?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to escape to any of those sorts of places. I used to write at the beach amongst the company of hungry seagulls and a shady green riverbank where the frogs croaked and the river trickled along merrily, but I haven't had the joy of writing out of doors since my children were born. I'm looking forward to being able to do so again once my youngest starts school. :-)

And look, there I go rambling again. *chuckles* It's good to see you here Sweets and I hope you'll continue to follow me around. ;-)

10:05 AM  

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